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Bulk Materials Handling & Storage

Solids and bulk materials handling is a key component of many industrial facilities – from the metals industries and power generation plants through to chemicals and foodstuffs. Engineering design of handling systems requires a deep understanding of the properties and behaviour of the bulk materials and the functional requirements of the plant, port or loading/unloading terminal. McLellan brings this expertise to projects and has an international reputation in the heavy industries field, particularly in connection with the metals and power generation sectors. Our clients have ranged from project sponsors and investors to government agencies and insurers.

Many of the diverse consultancy and project engineering assignments carried out by McLellan include the processing, handling, storage and transportation of bulk materials at mines, ports, industrial plants and power stations. Our experience covers a range of materials such as iron ore, pellets, DRI, coking coals, steam coals, coke, sinter, cement, copper concentrate, ferro-alloys, fluxes and other minerals.

McLellan’s professional services in connection with such projects include complete engineering and project management from the evaluation of raw materials, through plant design, engineering, tendering, procurement, QA, manufacturing surveillance, construction and commissioning, to the provision of maintenance systems, operator training and technical support. In parallel to project related activities, McLellan provides a range of consultancy services including conceptual design, logistics studies, feasibility studies and performance studies.

In addition to conventional storage and bulk handling facilities for transporting, stacking and blending of ore, coal and other bulk materials, McLellan assignments have included homogenising facilities, pipeline transportation of slurries, pneumatic conveying, ship to shore/railway loading and unloading terminals, transhipment operations, road transport, general and special purpose cranes, automatic guided vehicles (AGV) and the use of special purpose vehicles for transporting molten metal/slag and heavy loads.

McLellan can provide comprehensive engineering design, specification and project management expertise for all aspects of material handling from:

  • Conventional belt and specialist conveyor systems
  • Storage systems; bunkers, bins, silos and open beds
  • Crushing, grinding, beneficiation, blending and reclaiming
  • Static and in-motion weighing
  • Belt and vibratory feeders
  • Rail, road and ship loading and unloading
  • Aggregate and concrete products plant
  • Off-highway loading and haulage equipment
  • Mobile plant
  • Batch and on-line sampling

Material specific handling systems are also studied and designed. The materials handling systems may be stand alone projects or elements of integrated production processes. McLellan is also able to prepare option studies to determine the best options for material handling and transport ranging from high speed overland conveyor systems, bulk rail transport, road haulage trains and slurry pipeline systems.

Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) of conveyors and transfer points is available to simulate material flows and characterise behaviours within the systems modelled. Overland Conveyor’s Chute Analyst and Bulk Flow Analyst software are used by McLellan in-house staff.

Our materials handling expertise is complemented by full engineering support in areas such as:

  • Electrical power systems
  • Control and automation
  • Design reviews and technical audits
  • Safety and risk assessment, including HAZOP studies
  • Environmental impact
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability analysis (RAM)
  • Maintenance management

We have provided support to both project sponsors, interested investors and other stakeholders to assess the potential environmental impact of bulk material handling and transport projects. This aspect is of particular interest to financial institutions subscribing to Equator Principals where the social and environmental impacts of a project are fully considered before the provision of project finance.

McLellan has supported and advised the insurance industry, providing failure analysis for conveyor systems, transfer chutes and ship unloaders at a range of sites worldwide. Within this scope, McLellan is able to assess the maintenance methodology of the insured parties, provide theoretical repair programmes and assess the capital value of repairs including an assessment of potential betterment.