Our insurance specialists have over 20 years of experience providing comprehensive consultant engineering, quantum, costing and other advisory services. We have a clear understanding of the priorities and key issues of our clients gained through working with insurers, reinsurers, loss adjusters, brokers, solicitors, owners and other professionals from across the world.

Whether appointed on one-off property damage losses or multi-site catastrophe (CAT) losses, we understand the need for a rapid, responsive and sensitive approach to the work we undertake in providing reliable information, whether in the way of specialist technical advice, expert witness services or support to others during settlement negotiations.

McLellan provides advice on property damage losses that have arisen through a variety of circumstances, most commonly through fire, flood, earthquake, blast, explosion, terrorism, hurricanes/cyclones, tropical storms, collisions, mechanical and/or electrical malfunctions and failures. Our insurance advisory and specialist services are provided across the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial and public buildings
  • Power and energy
  • Heavy industry
  • Petroleum
  • Chemicals and gas
  • Infrastructure and utilities

We are also experienced in developing and/or reviewing reinstatement timelines, critical path programmes and production data to provide assistance with the assessment of business interruption/operational time (production) losses. This can include generation of, as well as reviews of, proposals to mitigate reinstatement timelines, supported by monitoring of progress on site where required. We also develop, with the insured, temporary reinstatement options to allow partial or full operations to recommence. Additionally, McLellan produce before, during and after loss scenarios for assessing the impact of property damage on production output.

Our insurance advisory specialists recognise the importance of local issues such as costs, legislation, productivity, methodologies and available resources and how these may impact on claims and particularly on the timescales and costs of reinstatement. We evaluate all of these issues to check claims for insurers, loss adjusters and lawyers to ensure a fair and reasonable assessment that is reflective of local construction conditions and efficiencies.

McLellan understands the need to obtain and review documentation from all involved parties and advise our clients in a proactive manner, so that all matters relevant to our appointment are identified, discussed and taken into account in preparing the relevant deliverables and arriving at our conclusions.