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McLellan provides comprehensive engineering advisory services covering the entire manufacturing process from raw material receipt, handling and storage, through to product processing, production lines and on to final product handling, packaging, storage and distribution in a range of industry sectors.

Following damage to a manufacturing facility, we recognise the importance for production to recommence as expeditiously as possible. McLellan can mobilise our specialists quickly to undertake site inspections to assess and scope the damage to buildings, structures, plant, equipment, machinery and the associated mechanical and electrical services, process controls and instrumentation systems. We rapidly evaluate reinstatement proposals, including debris removal, asbestos control, demolition, temporary and permanent reinstatement works. On manufacturing losses, we also recognise the particular importance of the initial and final cleaning operations, whether this is drying out and mould prevention following floods and fire water inundation, or the removal of chlorides from production line equipment following a fire to prevent secondary corrosion from occurring.

Based on our knowledge and extensive experience, we also review procurement strategies, contract assessment and award of contract for reinstatement works. We understand the importance of issues such as the impact of local, national and (for example) European legislation, applicable codes and standards, the availability of local market resources and working methodologies, and how these can impact on property damage claims. An integral aspect of the services provided on manufacturing losses is our provision of initial reserve calculations and the development of detailed quantum and cost assessments of the permanent and temporary reinstatement works in order to determine the reasonableness of property damage claims. Our insurance specialists are also when required, able to calculate and advise on the actual cash values (i.e. depreciated value).

McLellan can also provide assistance with the assessment of business interruption/ operational time (production) losses including the review and development of reinstatement timelines and critical path programmes. This can then be supported by the monitoring of progress on site of the reinstatement works. We also provide detailed advice on potential improvements to repair timescales including the proposed logic and sequencing for completion of the repairs and reinstatement of production operations.

Manufacturing industry sectors where McLellan provide insurance loss advisory services include:

Manufacturing of forest products including:

  • Logging and sawmills
  • Pulp production
  • Paper production
  • Biomass
  • Board production - plywood, particle board and MDF

Food and beverage processing including:

  • Crops
  • Dairy
  • Abattoirs, meat preparation and rendering
  • Meat processing
  • Fish processing
  • Bakeries
  • Confectionery
  • Beverages
  • Packaging
  • Canneries
  • Blast freezers and refrigeration
  • Raw material and finished product storage and distribution
  • Silos and bulk storage

Automotive manufacturing including:

  • Foundries and casting facilities
  • Fabricated metal product manufacturing
  • Plastic product manufacturing
  • Rubber product manufacturing
  • Tyre manufacturing

Pharmaceuticals, including laboratories and clean rooms


Building materials

Consumer products