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McLellan has developed and entered into a technical collaboration agreement with Independent Cement Consultants (ICC), who have extensive experience within the cement industry, to enable us to offer clients within the heavy industry sector, a wider perspective with respect to technical, commercial and financial consultancy services in the cement sector. Together, McLellan and ICC can offer services which encompass a more diverse spectrum of expertise within the cement sector by operating across a broader range of industries.

ICC specialists have over 150 years of combined practical operations, projects, technical management and corporate experience within the cement industry and a proven international track record in providing specialist technical and economic consultancy services.

McLellan and ICC have commenced technical collaboration via a unique, exclusive arrangement where the combination of our knowledge and skills has already achieved successful results.

Such technical collaboration and experiences gained between ICC and McLellan have highlighted various advantages to both organisations’ client bases when combining the knowledge, resources and practices from one heavy industry with those from another allowing for a wider, holistic view of industry in general when making business critical decisions. Assignments are often in demanding circumstances requiring rapid responses and here again the combination of the capabilities and expertise of the two companies offers fresh and holistic insights for the cement sector.

McLellan, in conjunction with ICC, can provide a full range of services, from concept and feasibility studies to project management, for the cement sector covering a wide array of technical aspects including:

  • Extraction, chemical analysis and evaluation of raw materials reserves and raw mixes
  • Quarries, bulk materials handling logistics and crushing
  • Raw materials transport, raw material grading, storage and prehomogenisation 
  • Raw mill grinding to produce raw meal
  • Raw meal transport, storage and homogenisation
  • Coal transport, storage and grinding
  • Alternative fuels; chemical analysis, transportation and storage
  • Pyro process section and clinker production, transport and storage
  • Gypsum crushing, transportation and storage
  • Cement mill grinding
  • Cement transportation and storage
  • Cement packing and distribution systems
  • Ancillary services, such as compressed air and water
  • Assessment of cement product types and associated additives

Making robust business decisions in the cement sector has always relied on clear, impartial and factual advice being available on a timely basis. McLellan is able to fill this need by communicating an independent and unconstrained view tailored to match the specific requirements of the relevant company, institution or government body allowing them to make informed, business critical judgments in uncertain times. McLellan is committed to providing trusted strategic advice and comprehensive technical support, which is confirmed by continued repeat business and quality of reputation within all sectors of our business operations.

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Independent Cement Consultants is a specialist, independent, multi-disciplinary consultancy situated in Kingston Upon Thames, in close proximity to London, England with representatives based in Europe and Asia. It has been formed by directors and internationally recognised industry specialists, previously from major producers and consultancies within the cement industry.

Tel: +44 (0) 203 290 2935
Post: BM Box 46791, London, WC1N 3XX