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Beneficiation and Pelletising

As high-grade reserves of iron ore continue to be exploited and gradually become depleted, beneficiation processes are becoming increasingly important as a way of maintaining raw material quality. Further downstream, pelletising is used to convert ore fines and concentrates into iron ore pellets for use in blast furnaces and direct reduction processes. McLellan possesses a wealth of expertise in the areas of beneficiation and pelletising and has been involved in numerous related projects from South America through to the Middle East.

Beneficiation processes are used to remove impurities and improve ore grade, resulting in high quality iron ore fines. McLellan has experience in working with both magnetite and haematite ores. Magnetite can often be beneficiated by grinding and subsequently using magnetic separators. Haematite beneficiation is typically more complicated, often requiring a number of processes including grinding, gravity separation, high intensity magnetic separation and froth floatation.

In addition to beneficiation, McLellan also has wide ranging expertise in the downstream pelletising process. In this process, high quality iron ore fines are balled and indurated to produce pellets with the required mechanical and metallurgical properties for use in blast furnaces or direct reduced iron processes. The resultant pellets may be used either in a captive plant or sold to the open market. In the latter case, a significant materials handling operation is required. Our expertise includes both straight grate and grate kiln based pelletising processes.

McLellan has worked for various stakeholders in the areas of beneficiation and pelletising, ranging from project developers and government bodies through to financial institutions such as banks and insurers.

Our services within this sector include:

  • Site selection advice
  • Feasibility studies
  • Logistics studies including location of tailings disposal areas and evaluation of alternative ore and concentrate transportation systems
  • Valuations
  • Performance studies
  • Development of process, plant and equipment specifications
  • Design reviews
  • Environmental assessments
  • Tender management including preparation of enquiry documents
  • Project management services