Our expertise within the power sector encompasses power generation, transmission and distribution within both industrial and commercial environments. With sustainability and emissions reduction being key considerations within the power sector, McLellan is able to provide design and engineering solutions that incorporate sound technical know-how with environmental best practice.

McLellan offers engineering consultancy services for all types of power and energy projects within various industrial and commercial facilities including mining operations, iron and steel works, manufacturing plants, ports and buildings. Our services cover the installation of new power infrastructure as well as upgrades and improvements to existing facilities.

Our engineers have considerable expertise in power generation using both fossil and renewable fuel sources as well as a range of generator technologies. We have served power sector projects in various regions including the UK, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa. Our clients have included manufacturers, plant operators, government agencies, legal advisors, insurance claims managers and loss adjusters. We provide a full range of services within the power generation sector ranging from concept design and feasibility studies to design, specification, procurement and supervision of installation.