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Power Generation

McLellan can provide innovative and state of the art solutions to client power demands for a wide range of fuel and generator technologies.

Our services include concept and feasibility studies leading to design, specification, installation and supervision of energy generation plant. McLellan also offers inspection and technical audit services for existing equipment and infrastructure designed to identify potential problem areas and highlight any deficiencies in the condition, efficiency or suitability of the existing equipment. These services are provided to clients from a range of industrial, commercial and educational sectors.

Industry standard software is used by our in-house team to assist in the design and analysis of complex systems. These programs allow McLellan engineers to assess the performance of existing equipment and identify where improvements can be made.

With a wealth of experience in design and engineering, McLellan can deliver power plant projects using a range of generators and fuel types including:



Reciprocating engines

Fuel oils – Diesel/ Gasoline/Kerosene

Gas turbines

Gas – Natural/LPG/ bio-generated

Steam turbines

Coal and Coke

Combined heat and power




Combined cycle gas turbines


Francis turbines


McLellan operates within the framework of an environmental policy which embraces all aspects of design including minimising fuel consumption and emissions. This policy’s aim is to minimise any adverse effects of the power generation plant on the environment whilst providing a reliable and sustainable source of electrical power.