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Engineering Advisory Services

McLellan’s insurance specialists have, for many years, provided respected and reliable engineering advisory services on a wide range of property damage losses throughout the world. Our breadth of expertise in a range of sectors and disciplines enables us to provide specialist technical advice to insurers, reinsurers, loss adjusters, brokers, solicitors, owners and other insurance industry professionals.

The engineering advisory services that we provide across many sectors on property damage losses include:

  • Site inspections of buildings, structures, plant, equipment, machinery, mechanical and electrical services
  • Assessment and reporting of the scope of damage
  • Causation investigations
  • Evaluation of reinstatement proposals
  • Assessment of the adequacy of the design
  • Reserve calculations, quantum and cost assessment of permanent and temporary reinstatement works
  • Actual cash (depreciated) value assessments
  • Review of reinstatement works procurement strategies, contract assessment and award
  • Assistance with the assessment of business interruption losses including review of process production data (before, during and after scenarios) and reinstatement timelines
  • Development of timelines and critical path programmes, covering both reinstatement works and event timelines
  • Detailed review and advice on potential improvements to reinstatement timescales, including the logic proposed for completion of the works and reinstatement of operations/production
  • Recommendation of actions to help mitigate property damage and business interruption losses
  • Reinstatement works monitoring
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing
  • Review of specifications, as-built drawings, construction schedules, procurement data, geotechnical and other data logs as well as maintenance and production records
  • Study of available construction material, plant and labour (both skilled and unskilled) for reinstatement works
  • Review of government legislation, local authority regulations, building permit regulations and permits to operate, import regulations and other similar aspects which have a bearing on property damage and business interruption claims.

Our experienced engineers and other specialists can mobilise rapidly either as small teams to review specific aspects of a loss such as a causation investigation, or as large multi-disciplinary, cohesive and co-ordinated teams to assess large, complex and multi-site catastrophe (CAT) events covering the following areas of expertise:

  • Structural
  • Civil
  • Mechanical and electrical building services
  • Oil and gas
  • Process equipment
  • Quantum and costing
  • Electrical
  • Water (river and coastal and flooding)
  • Machinery and production
  • Steam and gas turbines
  • Railway (rolling stock, track and signalling)
  • Metallurgy, chemistry and refractory
  • Geotechnical and geological
  • Seismic
  • Chemical, biological and other contamination