Our layout and logistics consultancy services provide clients with solutions for the integration of material receipt and handling, process flow, stockyards, warehousing, packing, transport and shipping within heavy industrial facilities.

McLellan offers consultancy services to the heavy industry sector developing layouts for new facilities as well as for modifications or upgrades to existing plants. Our engineers have many years of experience in heavy industrial plant operations and consulting. The benefits of this expertise can be utilised to develop project schemes which streamline material and process flow through enhancing value adding processes, eliminating non–value-adding activities and promoting efficient use of space and buildings, thus giving our clients the ability to respond to their customers’ demands cost effectively.

Our engineers are able to analyse layouts of facilities for the mining, mineral processing, material handling, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and the process and manufacturing industries and provide technical and optimisation advice.

Our layout and logistics consultancy services include:

  • Material/work flow optimisation from bulk shipping of raw materials to final product delivery
  • Sizing of permanent and temporary facilities
  • Analysis of port logistics including turnaround times and berth occupation modelling
  • Analysis of required stock levels for raw materials, finished products and work in progress
  • Modelling and optimisation of onsite vehicle movements
  • Working capital optimisation advice
  • Analysis of logistical interfaces between client operations and third parties
  • Analysis of alternative transport methods