McLellan has successfully provided technical assistance to lenders and potential investors on many industrial assignments. The role demands not only excellent knowledge of the industry, but also requires independence as well as a measured and balanced view. McLellan has over 85 years experience in industry and has maintained our independence throughout this time. McLellan is not associated with or affiliated to any operating company, equipment supplier or turnkey contractor.

In addition to specific industry skills and expertise, the lenders’ independent engineer role requires knowledge of a wide range of other disciplines including construction, environment, finance, health and safety, training, project management as well as other aspects of EPC contracting. Our multi-disciplinary specialists are able to provide such expertise. We also undertake assignments in the capacity of owners’ engineer where similar skills and expertise are utilised.

McLellan views the role of lenders’ and investors’ independent technical advisor not only as a monitoring and surveillance task; it is also a supportive role, adding overall value to the project. In our experience, McLellan has found it most effective to play a pro-active role by developing good and open working relationships with the lenders, the borrower, the investors and the suppliers as well as the various specialist companies that provide equipment and services to the operating company or contractor.

We consider that our longstanding independence, when combined with our ability to mobilise a multi-disciplinary team of suitably qualified specialists, will maximise the value added for lenders as well as the borrowers as a project develops.