McLellan prepares bespoke market studies for the minerals, metals, manufacturing and industrial utility sectors, examining the markets for raw materials through semi-finished to downstream products. Our independent and informed analysis of market data provides clients with the quality and reliability of information required to guide their strategic decision making. The studies are prepared either as standalone deliverables or as an integral part of feasibility and due diligence studies.

Our approach is based on first-hand knowledge and experience of the sectors concerned, the related technical and manufacturing processes, product characteristics and quality requirements as well as the market regions of interest. The data from desk-based research and field surveys, supported by in-house databases, is analysed together with the relevant economic fundamentals to identify trends and develop forecasts, taking cognisance of other influencing factors. McLellan understands the impact of global macroeconomics on regional sector conditions and also understands that regional developments will feed into the behaviour of the markets globally.

McLellan prides itself on its independent analysis. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the quality of information necessary to make crucial strategic decisions. The research carried out at McLellan is based on transparent fundamental market valuations and analyses. Market views are built up from first principles and include historical and forecast market performance.

Our clients include investors, mining companies, metal producers and consumers, manufacturing companies, insurance companies, insurance claims managers and loss adjusters, financial institutions, government bodies and international organisations.