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Sustainability and Environmental Consultancy

Climate change and resource conservation are key drivers of sustainable development. We provide professional services at every stage from pre-acquisition audits and due diligence, through feasibility studies, regulatory authorisation and project management, to support with improvement plans and compliance monitoring. We also provide comprehensive services to assist clients with improving environmental performance and minimising environmental risks and liability. Our approach includes the identification of optimum technology combined with the application of pragmatic waste minimisation techniques.

Our sustainability and environmental services include:

Sustainability advice

We advise clients on sustainability and energy options for industrial plants and buildings to achieve long term environmental, social and sustainability benefits. We will identify the best options for projects in renewable energy, tri-generation, waste to energy, sustainable materials etc.

Environmental assessment

We can conduct investigations on all environmental aspects, particularly pollution control and waste minimisation, within the process and manufacturing industries. We can also carry out environmental impact assessments of new developments in relation to statutory requirements and regulatory controls.

Audits and surveys

McLellan carries out environmental compliance and acquisition audits for clients and provides environmental liability surveys for potential purchasers.


We provide advice on air pollution monitoring and dispersion modelling, effluent analysis, surface and ground water contamination, solid waste and noise analysis.

Environmental plans and policy advice

McLellan can help clients prepare environmental plans and provide policy advice in order to minimise waste and achieve compliance with regulatory requirements in the most cost-effective manner.

Regulatory matters

We support Governments and National Regulatory Authorities in the formulation and implementation of environmental policies, standards and controls. We assist commercial clients with submissions to regulatory authorities and provide advice on negotiations with such agencies at both national and local levels. We also provide advice on BATNEEC (Best Available Option Not Entailing Excessive Cost), BPEO (Best Practicable Environmental Option), etc. in the context of the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) directive.

Engineering and project management

We carry out evaluation, design and implementation of pollution control and waste minimisation schemes to provide cost-effective solutions to meet increasingly stringent regional and national regulatory requirements.