Effective and economical communication and transfer of data is essential to any modern organisation. McLellan can help clients develop and implement their communication infrastructure to suit their operational requirements.

Our specialists can design the core infrastructure communication systems and solutions for any industrial complex. From the selection of network structure and topology, transmission technology through to switching equipment interfacing with the access network and customer premises equipment, McLellan will consider the operational environment and then ensure the delivery of a future-proof network with high standards of availability, reliability and scalability.

The core network is critical to operations - McLellan can study and optimise the solution that caters best for the client’s network by considering its structure and topology. The proposed network’s environment will be taken into account to deliver maximum security and redundancy will be considered based on reliability analysis.

The selection of core transmission media together with the transmission technology is particularly important since it not only supports the proposed transmission capacity but also determines the possibilities for future capacity expansion.

The final step for the design of the core network is the choice of the add - drop multiplexors, cross connects and switching technology.

The access network determines how best to connect customer premises equipment such as telephones, private exchanges and computer networks into the core of the network – the most appropriate media, for example, optical fibre, copper or wireless are all considered along with transmission platforms.

McLellan services include:

  • Network consultation studies
  • Specification writing
  • Network designs
  • Tender reviews and assessments
  • Optimisation of new or existing networks
  • IT Security
  • Supervision of installation and commissioning
  • Technical advisory services to the insurance industry