The location and capacity of utility services can have a significant impact on the viability of a project. McLellan has considerable expertise in the design, diversion and extension of utility services. Our expertise ranges from transformer provisions in heritage buildings and connections onto district heating systems to industrial city masterplanning.

McLellan has a wealth of experience in the design of utilities. These include:

  • In coming mains cold water services (MCWS)
  • Fire mains
  • District heating/cooling mains
  • Natural Gas supplies
  • Electrical supplies (11kV – 400kV)
  • Foul water below ground drainage
  • Rain water below ground drainage
  • Data networks
  • Security CCTV networks
  • Street lighting

The location of existing below ground utilities can have a significant effect on how a new development is designed. At the construction stage, it is essential that the location of utilities is known to enable work to be carried out safely and efficiently. Our experience in utility location searches can assist in the planning and installation phases of a project.

McLellan’s capacity analysis provides an effective way to check the local utility networks and obtain an indication of whether sufficient capacity is available to support the requirements of a project. We contact the relevant electricity, gas, water and sewer network operators to find out if enough capacity exists in the local networks to supply the proposed requirements. This information can also help with planning and budgeting for any required utility capacity increase work.

Working closely with the utility companies from the project onset ensures that any constraining factors can be addressed in advance of proposed site start dates. This means that not only can project delays be avoided but the most cost effective solutions can be pursued. Capacity analysis is the first step during the early stages of a scheme and will dictate the results of the utility feasibility report for a project.

McLellan can also advise on the procurement of energy supply contracts and make recommendations to achieve the best value in the circumstances and location of the proposed development. Where a project requires a new substation, McLellan can provide design services to Distribution Network Operator (DNO) or other applicable standards incorporating any special requirements or access easements.