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Waste Management

Waste management and minimisation is an important part of business optimisation. McLellan can offer specialised services across a number of industrial sectors aimed at minimising the waste produced by a given process. Our assessments and recommendations take an integrated approach to waste management and consider recycling of waste materials both within the process and through identifying external users.

Waste management assignments typically involve the review of existing practices, identification of potential process improvements and an assessment of the viability of implementing improved operating practices. In carrying out waste management studies, McLellan assesses:

  • Existing practices at the plant or facility, either as desk based reviews or via on-site audits
  • Potential alternative practices
  • Availability of suitable end users for waste streams, either internal or external
  • Utilities and site requirements
  • Personnel and training requirements
  • Environmental impacts
  • Estimates of capital costs and return on investment
  • Various process and operational scenarios

Our waste management services are provided across the following industries:

  • Iron and steel
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Manufacturing
  • Power generation

McLellan also conducts process yield audits which assess existing practices and attempt to identify where yield improvements can be made. Mass and energy balances produced as part of a waste management study can form the basis of a powerful management tool to track ongoing performance in terms of tracking raw material usage and by-products.